12 Week Encounter HeartScape Journey

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Enjoy engaging in relationships with INTIMACY, LOVE, and ABUNDANCE… from a place of quietness and confidence. 

Introducing... HeartScape Journey 12 Week Encounter for Educators   

12 Weeks to reconciliation and inner restoration so that you can freely engage with yourself and  others with compassion, delight, and empathy, with Guide Jean Bons. 

For Educators who want a way to interact with their students without striving or frustration,  wondering if they will ever connect with the internal world of their audience. 

Ready to accomplish reconciliation and inner restoration in 12 Weeks time?


You are an incredible teacher in your field with accolades from colleagues and administration;  however, today’s onslaught of social media and easily available gaming and other types of  internet distraction leave you weary of engaging with your audience in a meaningful way. You may feel like it’s time to pack it in and try another profession. Some days you may feel like  you’re making progress, but other times, you feel like a complete failure. 

Are you feeling...

Like you need to discover what’s wrong with you, find spiritual relief, or quit your job and do something  else? But what? You love your work; or, you used to love it. Now you're not so sure. 

These internal fears have manifested as a lack of interest in your vocation, distracting behaviors, wishing you were somewhere else, and wondering why you got into teaching in the first place!

Maybe you are... 

  • Sick of students looking at their cell phones during lecture 
  • Posting grades but not feeling like the grades reflect the impact of your instruction
  • Showing up for work or lectures, but your heart isn’t in it anymore 
  • Wanting to show up with enthusiasm for your topic, but not sure how to engage
  • Not sure how to give honor to yourself as the expert in your field that people need
  • Great at engaging one-on-one, but blanch at a room full of uninterested and unmotivated  students 
  • Searching for an easier, repeatable way you can engage with your audience so that you  aren’t worn out by the end of the day 

And as a result, you aren’t enjoying the career you once felt like you could perform indefinitely  nor are you making the impact you thought was available to you as a teacher. 

There’s a better way to live your life from your heart than to wear it on your sleeve and be constantly hurt from exposing your emotions. 

And when you experience inner reconciliation and peace, you’ll be restored completely and  have the power to carry on with your career for YEARS without running dry of words or ideas  that will make engaging with your audience a cinch.

After 12 weeks in the HeartScape Journey Encounter, you’ll walk away with: 

  • Healing from inner conflict that has been holding you back 
  • Strategies to engage with yourself and others 
  • Surrounded by positivity and equipped with confidence boosters 
  • Creativity freely sparked by imagination  
  • Journaling system for creating a solid inner environment 
  • Ability to quickly identify behavioral sabotaging patterns 
  • Proven methods to disappear unwanted behaviors 
  • Engaging content so students show up consistently 
  • Weekly group encounter calls with Guide Jean and your cohort 
  • Community with other like minded educators for a safe place to HEAL your inner angst,  get feedback, and evolve into a confident instructor in today’s social environment.

This program will strengthen your confidence in teaching even if: 

  • You’ve always struggled with various aspects of your career in the past 
  • You have no idea what to say or how to engage with today’s type of student
  • You dislike group sessions or participating in yet another professional development class

If you want to restore broken and shattered relationships with compatibility and camaraderie,  from a place of peace, then this program will accelerate your ability to connect with your  audience. 

Don’t think that relationships around you are broken and shattered? Take a look at how much  time your students spend on their cell phone, iPad, or computer, having no desire to interact  with their peers or family members. It’s like an addiction. 

Being an instructor that has navigated through your heart space with reconciliation and  restoration, you will offer your students the ability to do the same without even letting them know  that’s what is occurring so that at the end of the day, you and the students have engaged as  ONE through the material required for them to achieve their educational goals. You will find  teaching effortless and meaningful, leaving your students highly impacted just as you desire. 

What Others Are Saying 

“I appreciate you holding the space for us. It really made a difference. I appreciate your  listening style and the way you generated your words with grace and ease that was  deep and meaningful. I felt confirmed and affirmed. I loved how the unfolding of the  coaching calls created the course content into reality. You held the space like a safe  container for communication.” –Jessie M. 

“Thank you for your time and listening. Your voice has a song-bird quality to it that  brings joy and peace. From the moment we were in the group together you had a kind,  relaxing, and soothing aura. I am glad I trusted my intuition to stay. You held the space  with love, no make-wrong, or pressure. You created a sense of relaxation.” –Nyssa R. 

This program works for: 

  • Coaches (health, life, business, marketing, relationship, parenting, etc.) 
  • Career Teachers 
  • Professional Instructors 
  • Educational Administrators 
  • Music Teachers 
  • Athletic Coaches 
  • Dance Teachers 
  • CEO’s 

Ready to accomplish reconciliation and inner restoration in 12 Weeks time?


Of course, you can always learn how to engage with students or learn about reconciliation from  books, videos, and other courses. And that may catapult you on to the next level in your  business. 

But it’s likely that you’ll still be dragged down by analysis paralysis, imposter syndrome, and fear  of failure (or fear of success!) 

And you’ll be missing out on the true satisfaction of your profession, and the opportunity of really  making an impact on your students. 

So you have three choices: 

  1. Keep struggling over your inner anxiety and trying to figure it out on your own (this could cost  you YEARS doing meaningless work feeling overcome by boredom and the sheer overwhelm of  not feeling like you can engage with your students). 
  2. Hire a professional psychologist (A GOOD one will cost you between $75-200 an hour, and who knows how many hours that will take?...and you’re at the mercy of THEIR availability).
  3. Spend 12 weeks with me, and 
  • Learn how to quietly and confidently show up authentically in your classroom
  • Disappear all of your roadblocks, self-sabotaging and distracting behaviors
  • Develop a simple system for engaging with your students that allows you to present your topic  with ease and delight, creatively aligning with your imagination. 

What’s Inside the HeartScape Journey 12 Week Encounter? 

Weekly group coaching sessions from Guide Jean Bons to get clarity on any questions you have (and  lifetime access to replays) 

Community with other like minded educators for a safe place to HEAL your inner angst, get feedback, and evolve into a confident instructor in today’s social environment. 

Phase 1: Quiet Confidence 

  • Healing your inner conflict and lack of imagination 
  • Tapping into your authentic self with understanding and cohesion 
  • Positive confidence boosters 
  • Strategies for engaging with yourself and others 

Phase 2: Inner Beauty 

  • Journaling that creates a solid inner environment 
  • Quickly identify sabotaging behavioral patterns 
  • Proven methods to disappear unwanted behaviors 

Phase 3: Inner Peace 

  • Engaging content so students show up consistently 
  • Peer conversation with like minded people inducing a safe place to heal 
  • Weekly group encounter calls with Guide Jean and your cohort


  • Community of like-minded individuals so that you’ve got a safe place to heal, get feedback and  inspiration, and evolve as an instructor and deepen your relationship with your inner self.
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching call: 30 minutes of personal time reflecting on your progress. 

Hi! I am your HeartScape Journey Guide, Jean!

I’m the Teachable Spirit and Coach for Educators and Leaders. With over 15 years in teaching and 15 years in administration, I have taught and spoken to people from a variety of educational  and cultural backgrounds. I know how to create an atmosphere where people feel safe to  explore their inner environment. 

I spent 15 years in local community and career colleges teaching English As a Second  Language, Adult Basic Education for the GED and Business for students earning their  Associates Degree. During the last decade, I traveled to Kenya 9 times and began a project in  Kimilili. Now I have written a podcast that is the groundwork for this encounter. 

My calling in this season of life is to support Teachers and Leaders to explore their inner selves so that they can make the impact they desire on their students by building compatibility and  camaraderie. I'll help you JOURNEY THROUGH YOUR HEARTSCAPE to generate the life you  desire and create more impact in your classroom. 

I’m a Guide and Coach for Educators, a Public Speaker, and a Podcast Writer   

Follow Your Heart.

Navigate the Journey.

Arrive at Your Desired Destination.

Is this small group coaching or will I be lost in a sea of hundreds of other students? 

The HeartScape Journey Encounter is designed to be an intimate small group experience. The  number of participants is limited, so there is time for each member to get feedback each week. 

How much time will I need to devote to the Encounter? 

Plan to devote 1 hour to join the HeartScape Journey Encounter each week, half an hour each month for the one-on-one coaching session, plus a little time each day to implement the assignments.

What if I miss a live call? 

No worries! All calls are recorded and available for replay at your convenience. Plus, you can always submit your questions ahead of time, so that we can address them--even if you're not  present. 

Ready to accomplish reconciliation and inner restoration in 12 Weeks time?


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12 Weeks to reconciliation and inner restoration so that you can freely engage with yourself and others with compassion, delight, and empathy. With Guide Jean Bons

Healing your inner conflict
Tapping into your authentic self
Positive confidence boosters
Strategies for engaging with yourself and others
Proven methods to disappear unwanted behaviors
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12 Week Encounter HeartScape Journey

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